High Point Rangers

The aim of High Point Rangers is to be a real space opera type of game, RPG inspired by Star Ace primarily. Tone is... young adult fiction? While Star Wars is the most common cultural space opera touchstone, I want to avoid clearly evoking those vibes. While I like a lot of what Star Ace does, is it possible to simplify it a bit? Also, do I want levels like it has? Maybe. I like how weapons and ships work, and might like to add a bit more to that. Anyways, this is all pretty vague talk currently. Star Ace is an out of print old game that I think is pretty cool, and wouldn't mind bringing a pseudo-clone of back into the world. While I also consider Star Frontiers and FrontierSpace to live in a somewhat similar territory, I prefer Star Ace. Those games should totally be plundered for ideas though.