Hello! I'm Ben Terry.
Welcome to the Game Room!

Welcome to the Game Room. This is where I'll talk about all kinds of games, from RPGs to board games, to video games! Role playing games probably take up most of my gaming head space and when a game is good, RPGs are my favorite kind of game. I enjoy a good board game, but don't get to play all that often. I tend to enjoy myself more socially with a board game than most RPG sessions, as in, I enjoy an average board gaming session more than an average RPG session, but board games could never beat my favorite RPG sessions. Video games? I was obsessed with them as a kid, and have found I play them less as I've gotten older, but I still enjoy them from time to time.

My Taste in RPGs

I've played all manner of RPGs and can enjoy all manner of them from time to time, but I definitely have some preferences. Here's just a list of some of them:

Some example RPGs that I'm more inclined towards playing include: White Wolf's Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, Mayfair's DC Heroes, TSR's Marvel Super Heroes, Victory Games' James Bond 007.

Some of my Favorite RPG Articles

Here are a bunch of links to RPG related articles I've found entertaining over the years.

I have a lot more to fill in here. But... this is my personal web site and I can be lazy!

Michigan Tabletop RPG Creators

The Mid-West US has solid representation in RPG creators. Seeing as I personally live in Michigan, I thought it might be fun to compile a list of Michigan based companies and creators in the RPG space. Hopefully I can dig up some more. Here we go!