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Exercise (a work in progress)

On May 1st, 2022 I started exercising again. Basically, a friend of mine proposed a spreadsheet tracking our progress on some physical fitness goals while a group of us was playing the Street Fighter RPG. Out of the group, I'd normally consider myself the least likely to be "in shape", but I decided to hop on board. This all led to me being surprised at the fact I was the one most often entering exercises into the sheet! Still, there is always hope we can get the whole group more actively in on it. The basic idea of the sheet is that there are two pages to it. The first page has a list of particular exercises, with our names, and a proposed benchmark level to reach for. The idea is that you put in where you are at on a particular exercise the last time you performed it. The second page is a tracking page, just a log of every exercise a person does and chooses to enter into that page. There is nothing that says the exercises you perform and log on page 2 need to directly correlate to the benchmarks on page 1, it's just a way to see what other people are up to and kinda track and "get credit" for what you do yourself. Here is a list of the benchmarks that are on the sheet and what I think about them:

Looking above at the benchmarks we have on our friendly little exercises list, you'll see they don't necessarily form an exercise program. People engage in all sorts of programs and so far I am falling towards preferring a progressive calisthenics approach. Powerlifting with conditioning seems like another very sensible approach, except that it requires more equipment. Things like Yoga or Pilates also seem to have aspects to recommend them. I'd prefer a program that is easy to understand and leads to improvements in strength, conditioning, balance and mobility/flexibility. This rules out bodybuilding for me, as I care more about the utility than the aesthetics, and it also rules out more narrowly targeted things like a "Couch to 5k" program. Here are a couple resources I've looked at and found interesting regarding program ideas: