Album Reviews

Here I'm going to review some albums from my personal collection. It's gonna take a while! Below you'll see some bands and album covers, and eventually you'll be able to click on them to read a review. I'll probably do the reviews in batches by particular bands, but I guess we'll see!


Prong just so happen to be my favorite metal band. It is a band that has essentially been the work of guitarist/vocalist Tommy Victor, but other members and collaborators have made their marks along the way. While I call them a metal band, they kind of came out of the hardcore scene and you can see some influence from there from time to time. You also see influence from a variety of interesting '80s scenes. In fact, it is the non-metal parts of the band that make them interesting to me. Like, Tommy is always going to have a metal edge to everything he does, but it is those non-metal influences that keep them from falling into generic angry-man metal, adds some layers and depth from time to time. Anyways, as I get some album reviews written up, you'll be able to click on the albums below to read them.