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Mastodon Follows

(as of Nov. 21, 2022)

Recently, Mastodon and other ActivityPub based apps in the Fediverse have seen an uptick in activity, due to the turbulent situation at Twitter. Maybe you are interested in checking out Mastodon yourself, but you're like, "Hey, I don't even know anyone over there! Who would I even follow?" Here is a list of people I'm personally following, categorized broadly, with links to a web site of theirs (if available) and their Mastodon profile so you can follow them if they strike your fancy. Oh, and sorry to anyone on this list that is unhappy with their description! I was in a rush and I'm sure I may have missed stuff about you.

Roleplaying Games

Who Is It? AP Profile Description
Vincent Baker lumpley@dice.camp Apocalypse World, etc.
Meguey Baker megueyb@dice.camp Apocalypse World, etc.
S. John Ross SJohnRoss@dice.camp Risus, fonts, maps, many RPG supplements. High trust RP.
Robin D. Laws robindlaws@dice.camp All of the RPGs
Dyson Logos dysonlogos@chirp.enworld.org All of the RPG Maps
John Harper johnharper@dice.camp Blades in the Dark, etc.
Jason Morningstar jmstar@dice.camp Fiasco! and other RPGs.
Greg Stolze GregStolze@mastodon.social Reign, a bunch of ORE (One Roll Engine) games, etc.
Paul Czege paulczege@dice.camp Made My Life With Master, The Clay That Woke, etc.
Joshua A.C. Newman JoshuaACNewman@xeno.glyphpress.com I know him for the Shock: Social Science Fiction RPG.
Scott Malthouse trollishdelver@dice.camp Trollish Delver Games, many RPGs
Ewen Cluney nekoewen@mastodon.social Spooktacular, Thrash, every translated Japanese RPG, more.
Julian Kay ARBco@dice.camp The "Mutants in the Now" guy!
Andrew D Devenney adevenney@superheronecromancer.games Superhero Necromancer, other stuff. Also in my personal RPG group.
Jason Tocci JasonT@mastodon.social Made that 2400 sci-fi RPG.
Shannon Appelcline appelcline@dice.camp RPG historian, wrote all those Designers & Dragons books, etc.
Will Jobst willjobst@dice.camp Makes RPGs, including TORQ
Robert S. Conley robertsconley@mstdn.social OSR Blogger, also sells some old school setting material.
Indie Press Revolution ipr@dice.camp They sell tons of indie-RPGs, good place to snag physical copies.
Itch.io itchio@mastodon.gamedev.place They host all kinds of indie RPG and Video Game stuff.
Narrative Escapes NarrativeEscapes@dice.camp An RPGer, has a site.
The Complex Game Apologist TheCGA@dice.camp Know from Twitter. Does some RPG vids.
Peter / Spezbaby spezbaby@dice.camp Someone I know from RPG Twitter?
Judd Karlman Judd@dice.camp For hire GM? Has a podcast, etc.
Phil thedicemechanic@dice.camp Just an RPG liking guy, AFAICT. Does have a site.
Gordo gallowglas@dice.camp RPGer
Alex Schroeder kensanata@tabletop.social RPGer
Wilhelm Fitzpatrick rafial@hackers.town RPGer, general Masto person.
Andy Horton fechtbuch@dice.camp Somebody that I followed for some RPG reason, but doesn't seem to have posted.

Indie Video Games

Who Is It? AP Profile Description
Davit Masia DavitMasia@mastodon.gamedev.place An indie video game guy, has a bunch of cool tools also
Pedro Medeiros saint11@mastodon.gamedev.place Makes cool art and tutorials related to indie video game development.
Kenny kenney@mastodon.gamedev.place Makes a bunch of free video game art assets, etc.
Spinningmind spinningmind@mas.to An indie video game creator guy from somewhere.

Applications and Projects

Who Is It? AP Profile Description
The Internet Archive internetarchive@mastodon.archive.org Famous site archiving all of the beautiful things. Wayback Machine, etc.
The Godot Engine godotengine@mastodon.gamedev.place Open Source multi-platform game development engine.
KDenLive kdenlive@floss.social Open Source video editing software.
GIMP GIMP@floss.social Open Source image editing software.
FreeCAD FreeCAD@fosstodon.org Open Source CAD (Commputer Aided Design) software.
Siril Siril_Official@astrodon.social Open Source Astrophotography processing software.
Blender Blender@mastodon.social Open Source 3d creation & animation software.
Inkscape inkscape@mastodon.art Open source vector drawing software.
Krita krita@mastodon.art Open Source image creation/editing software.
LibreOffice libreoffice@fosstodon.org Open Source Office Suite.
Nextcloud nextcloud@mastodon.xyz Open Source cloud storage/mail/conferencing/everything software.
The TOR Project torproject@mastodon.social Privacy
Yunohost yunohost@mastodon.social Why you no host? Project to help people self-host web services.
FunkWhale funkwhale@fosstodon.org Audio centered ActivityPub app
FediTips feditips@mstdn.social Tips for using the FediVerse.
Wallabag wallabag@social.tcit.fr An open source service to save articles for later. Ala Evernote?
Pine64 PINE64@fosstodon.org They make interesting mostly ARM based computer stuff.
Agregore agregore@mastodon.mauve.moe Agregore is a browser that wants to support many protocols, including IPFS, etc.
Freedom Box freedomboxfndn@mastodon.social Freedom Box, a Debian based project dedicated to self-hosting your own internet services.
Lagrange jk@skyjake.fi Maker of Lagrange, the beautiful & great Gemini/Gopher browser.
Pleroma lain@pleroma.soykaf.com Lain, I believe the creator of Pleroma, an ActivityPub implementation like Mastodon.
SpaceHey an@ist.social An the Maker, guy from Germany who made SpaceHey, a fun lil MySpace clone.
Mastodon Gargron@mastodon.social Gargon, the guy behind Mastodon.
Aleph.Land Madeorsk@aleph.land Admin for my Mastodon Server, Aleph.land
Grow Your Own Services homegrown@social.growyourown.services A site about self-hosting your own internet services.
Thunderbird thunderbird@mastodon.online The Open Source e-mail/chat/calendar/etc. client.
WWW Consortium w3c@w3csocial.com They make or certify standards for the web, etc.

Various Tech-Related Folks

Who Is It? AP Profile Description
Aaron Parecki aaronpk@aaronparecki.com Very involved in indieweb.org and setting up services to support all of it.
Tantek Celik tantek.com@tantek.com Indieweb.org guy, works at Mozilla
Ben Werdmuller ben@werd.social Made Known, an early indieweb compliant platform.
Leo Laporte leo@twit.social This Week in Tech, long time tech show guy we all know.
Chris Were ChrisWere@toot.wales He has a site, mostly about open source, Linux, etc.
DistroTube distrotube@fosstodon.org Derek, a Linux YouTuber.
Ms. Mad Lemon MsMadLemon@mastodon.social YouTuber about mostly retro-tech.
Sadness sadness@social.yesterweb.org She has tons of tutorials catering to the "smol web" scene, neocities, etc.
Veronica Explains vkc@mspsocial.net She's a Linux & Retro-tech YouTuber from Minnesota.

Random People and Celebrities

Who Is It? AP Profile Description
Elvira TheRealElvira@universeodon.com The Mistress of the Dark, not the one from the Oak Ridge Boys song.
Neil Gaiman neilhimself@mastodon.social The author of all that stuff.
Kathy Griffin kathygriffin@mstdn.social Comedian, pot-stirrer, etc.
George Takei georgetakei@universeodon.com You know, Star Trek?
Felicia Day feliciaday@mastodon.social Acting person.
Paul Krugman pkrugman@mastodon.online The economist
Walter Schaub WalterShaub@journa.host Journalist organizing journalist list on Mastodon.
Robinson Meyer robinsonmeyer@mstdn.social Writer at the Atlantic.
ProPublica ProPublica@newsie.social Investigative Journalism
Anil Dash anildash@mastodon.cloud Tech guy involved in a lot of companies.
David Chapman Meaningness@mastodon.social He's the guy who wrote Meaningness.
Bill Wandless BillWandless@horrorhub.club English Professor at Central Michigan University, RPGer, writer of horrow fiction and other things.
Maya maya@occult.institute Somehow discovered her through "Smol Web" channels.
Alex Schroeder kensanata@octodon.social Just someone I follow because. Also has a separate RPG account.
Melyanna melyanna@tilde.zone Someone from the "Smol Web" and Tilde-verse.
Danny O'Brien mala@mastodon.social Tech related guy I somehow followed from early Mastodon days.
Mauve mauve@mastodon.mauve.moe Someone interested in web tech and RPGs. Looks like they are associated with the Agregor browser.